We Have A Home

The Next Chapter

Together with our supporters, we've built champions and scholars using school cafeterias and spare classrooms. Now, we have a space we can call home. We are turning an old church in West Humboldt Park into a boxing gym. With your help, we will train, tutor, and mentor West Side youth to unprecedented academic, social, and athletic success.

Why This


Stats from a Nearby Schools

High school graduation rate

Students proficient in reading and math


Students experiencing homelessness or transitional living.

By committing to this community, we can be the spark that improves the lives of young people whose success will have the greatest impact on the future our city.

Become a Monthly Donor

High school graduation rate

Covers a day's worth of utilities for our 10,000sqft facility. Keep the kids warm and the lights working.

Funds the day-1 expenses of a new fighter. Handwraps, gloves, a practice shirt, and mouthpiece.

Completely funds one fighter's training, mentoring, tutoring, and field trips for a FULL YEAR.

Or make a one-time donation of any amount you wish!

You Can Help

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