Devastated by the sudden loss of his brother, Weslie had a destructive plan to ease his grief. Learn how The Bloc helped change his perspective and turn his life around.
Some guys underestimate Chikita because she's a girl. Their mistake. Chikita takes pride in making them pay for it. Hear her explain how The Bloc helped her build the confidence to stand toe-to-toe with the boys.
After a turbulent start to high school, Davonne knew his life needed to change. Joining The Bloc signaled a new day in his life-- one where he would do whatever it took to succeed.
A naturally gifted student, Juan seemed to have everything he needed for success, except one thing: Confidence. Check out how The Bloc helped empower Juan with the confidence he needs to excel!
As Tyler prepares for the 2017 Chicago Golden Gloves, he reflects on the challenges he faces in his community and how The Bloc helps prepare teens for life!