The Bloc spreads the love of boxing to

provide opportunities that unleash the potential of Chicago's youth.

In Chicago, violence is fueled by hopelessness.
Teens disheartened by generational poverty and the trauma of community violence are turning to the streets.
The Bloc brings hope to our city.
The Bloc is not a boxing club. 
Boxing attracts teens least likely to join tutoring and mentoring groups. Some are prone to aggression, while others are in search of belonging.
We accept them all and help them fight for success.
Fighters engage in frequent check-ins to ensure continued progress toward academic and life goals.
Academic Support
Ranging from silent study time to one-on-on tutoring, all fighters are supported in reaching rigorous academic milestones.
From the hobbyist to the Olympic enthusiast, all fighters receive character-first boxing training in a safe, warm environment led by proven trainers.

It works.

100% High School Graduation Rate
100% College 
Acceptance Rate
Average Fighter GPA of 3.2
Where can you find The Bloc's Alumni?
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